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Sesame Oil health benefits includes preventing contagious infections, enhancing quality of bones, supporting dental health, lowering blood pressure, helping prevent diabetes, boost metabolism and circulation, slow down skin aging process, moisturizes the skin, reliefs rheumatoid arthritis pain, helps improve baby’s health, and helps with constipation.

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil, a yellow colored oil derived from the seeds of sesame has been widely used a healing substance since a long time. Sesame seeds are yellowish brown seeds that are primarily found in Africa, but also grow in smaller quantities on the Indian subcontinent. It has a nutty taste, and are packed with nutrients. Thus the seeds and oil often find themselves as a useful ingredient in numerous food dishes.In addition to cooking, they are also used for cosmetic purposes, especially in skincare. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make the oil effective enough to reduce pimples, prevent rashes from appearing on the skin, and heal wounds.

Besides that, sesame oil has a lot to offer regarding health benefits, which includes helping in bone growth, reducing blood pressure, managing depression and anxiety, maintaining optimum heart health, preventing cancer, lowering inflammation, and improving the digestive process. It is enriched with key vitamins, such as B complex, E, D and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and some proteins that promote hair strengthening.

1. Prevents Contagious Infections

Sesame oil is known to be an effective treatment for wounded and inflamed skin. It is thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties that enable them to fight bacterial infections. Since the oil seeps deep into the skin, it produces a detoxifying effect that keeps the skin fresh and warm. Sesame oil is also used as a curative measure for the treatment of certain skin issues, like psoriasis and eczema.

2. Enhances Quality of Bones

Zinc, calcium, and copper are the three key minerals that are essential to bone growth in the body, meaning that by retaining a right level of sesame oil in your meals, you can improve the rate of development and growth, along with speeding up your regrowth or healing of bones also. As you age, sesame oil can assist you in avoiding osteoporosis and numerous other age-related weaknesses in the bones.

3. Dental Care

Sesame oil is highly recommended by dental experts due to a process is known as oil pulling, where you put oil in your mouth and swish it around for a good 10 minutes before spitting it out. When it comes to sesame oil, sesame oil pulling has been known to produce whiter, reduce plaque levels, and protect against certain streptococcus mutants that can make you very sick. However, this powerful anti-bacterial oil can help boost your dental health.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

It has a lowering effect on blood pressure sodium levels in the blood. A study carried out in India showed when subjects with high BP were told to add sesame oil in their routines for 45 days, their blood pressure returned to its normal readings. It was also recorded that the research participants lost weight while going through the addition of the sesame oil. Even though the effects were temporary, the participants’ blood pressure reading spiked up when they stopped taking the oil. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of a lower blood pressure level, you will want to add sesame oil to your diet on the daily. If you are currently on blood pressure medication, it is suggested that you speak with your doctor first to avoid any side effects.

5. Helps Prevent Diabetes

Owing to the presence of magnesium and other key nutrients sesame seeds, and especially sesame oil has been linked to combating diabetes. A study published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that sesame oil enhanced the effectiveness of the oral antidiabetic drug called glibenclamide in type 2 diabetic patients. Another similar study showed that “replacement of sesame oil as the only edible oil has a stabilizing effect in further reducing blood pressure and plasma glucose in hypertensive patients.

6. Boosts Metabolism and Circulation

High zinc and copper mean that the body can operate at its optimum capacity, primarily since copper is needed to produce red blood cells. With a considerable percentage of copper present in sesame oil, your body is certain to get the appropriate amount of blood circulating to the tissues and organs, thus ensuring a better and healthier lifestyle.

7. Slows Down Skin Aging

Another impressive feature of sesame oil its ability to slow down skin aging. It prevents the skin cells from oxidation and promotes skin rejuvenation. The seeds and oil consist of an antioxidant called sesamol that prevents the appearance of small pores and wrinkles in the skin. A combination of lavender oil and sesame oil can be used as an effective anti-aging night cream. It is recommended that you properly massage the mixture into your skin to promote blood circulation. The best thing about using a sesame oil night cream is that it is capable of combating skin infections while you are asleep. Thus, you could wake up with fresh baby skin. In addition to slowing down the aging process, sesame oil is also capable of giving you a glowing skin.

8. Moisturizes Skin

Sesame oil acts both as a moisturizer and softener for the body’s kin. You can use the oil every day without worrying about the side effects.

9. Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

copper is a key mineral that helps fight swelling and reduces pain associated with arthritis. In addition to that, the mineral also helps offer strength to bones, joints, and blood vessels.

10. Helps Improve Baby’s Health

A sesame oil massage can spur growth in babies and also improves sleep. Baby rashes, especially due to diapers – can be prevented by applying some sesame oil on their skin. As a bonus, sesame also helps hydrate dry skin and also acts as an effective moisturizer.

11. Helps with Constipation

from time to time, we all become victims of constipation. Sure, consuming enough fiber and drinking lots of water helps but sometimes we fall off the fiber and water wagons or take medication that make us constipated. However, we can easily avoid that problem with the help of sesame oil since it gets things moving. Consuming a spoon or two of sesame oil can lubricate your bowels and help ease constipation. If the sound of drinking the oil sounds too gross, consider eating a teaspoon of sesame seeds once or twice a day until you find relief.

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