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Eaglewood is known as plant diamonds, Shenmu relic. The eaglewood oil has been in existence since ancient times and has always been deeply loved by the Middle Eastern aristocracy. As a scented scent, it can be used as a cleansing scent. It can cleanse all stains and sputum, and is used for sacrificial worship, offering ornaments, bathing and fragrant, or placed in the aromatherapy and sachets worn by them; it is a symbol of the luxury of the royal family. Therefore, the international first-class eaglewood oil has been hailed as “liquid gold”.

Eaglewood essential oil is refined from the precious eaglewood after distillation and extracted. It is the essence of eaglewood.eaglewood essential oils have multiple effects on the human body, such as: improving the gas field, relieving stress, sleeping and resisting depression, regulating body and mind, and promoting metabolism in the body. In the hot water of the footbath, a few drops of eaglewood essential oil can be added to achieve the purpose of activating blood and meridians, and the effect of removing athlete’s foot odor can be achieved. Due to the non-renewable nature of natural eaglewood, the refined eaglewood oil is even rarer and more precious.


Eaglewood essential oil and eaglewood oil

Due to the market demand for eaglewood products, a large number of sunken oils have appeared. It has also caused problems for many consumers. Oily eaglewood products are roughly classified into two categories. One is aloes oil that is price-friendly; the second is a rare and expensive eaglewood oil. The “fine”, the difference between the words, the use and collection value is the difference between heaven and earth.

Essential oils are a more general term, commonly referred to commercially as “aromatic oils” (aromatic hydrocarbons), and are commonly referred to as “volatile oils” in medicine. An oily substance having aroma and volatility obtained by an extraction technique is referred to. In layman’s terms, it is the essence obtained by extracting and concentrating the fragrant ingredients, so it is also called essential oil.

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