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Hydrolat, also known as Hydrolat, is a 100% saturated distillation solution extracted from essential oil during distillation and extraction. It is a by-product of essential oil. The ingredients are natural and pure, and the fragrance is light and pleasant. Pure dew is a condensed water solution distilled from aromatherapy plants. During distillation, the oil and water separate, and depending on the density, the oil floats on top and the water settle on the bottom. These parts are called hydrops. In addition to a small number of essential oils, hydrosol contains all the water-soluble substances found in plants. A hydrosol containing 100 percent of the plant’s water-soluble substances contains mineral nutrients (such as tannins and flavonoids) that essential oils lack. Its low concentration is easy to be absorbed by the skin. It is completely free of essence and alcohol. It is mild and non-irritating.


Truffle tips:

Taste: pure natural distillation product, without any preservatives, gives off the smell of plants, so the smell is a little “sour”.

Shelf life: 1 year. Because of the special production technology of truffle, the best truffle shelf life is also very short, in order to ensure that every drop of truffle fresh and pure, open the lid after 3 months use up the best.

Storage method: place in a cool and dry place, cover the bottle cap after use, avoid the effective antibacterial components volatilization in the hydrosol.


Pure dew is a condensed water solution distilled from aromatherapy plants.

  1. Plant nutrients are water-soluble (e.g. vitamin C) and oil-soluble (e.g. vitamin A).
  2. Only the condensate prepared by distillation is the true pure dew, which contains all water-soluble nutrients and a small part of oil-soluble nutrients (oil-saturated aqueous solution).
  3. Flower water and hydrosol of the British aromatherapy faction are the same things. Chinese skincare standards according to the international standards to express the pure dew: XX flower water.
  4. Hydrolats of the French therapeutic sect is obtained by distillation of flowers, leaves and branches, and Eaux florals by distillation of petals.
  5. There is a saying that hydrosol is a derivative of the process of refining essential oils. Most essential oils have been extracted by alcohol extraction or CO2 extraction (high yield, high purity). Distillation extraction is basically to take flower water for the purpose of pure dew.

The efficacy of hydrosol

It and plant essential oil itself have similar function and effect, and use more convenient, not only to the skin has a variety of treatment and maintenance effect, but also has a lot of use in daily life.

Pure dew from essential oil distillation extraction fractionation essence, in the process of put fresh or by dry processing plant materials in the steam heat furnace, using steam volatile strong carry out plant aromatic essential oil, make the form contains essential oil vapor state, through the cooler tubes, use temperature condensed into liquid state, and separation in addition to the pure dew. Pure dew into many kinds of precious ingredients in plants, and contains about 0.3% – 0.5% water-soluble components of essential oils, so retains essential oil fragrance, parts of efficacy and slight antimicrobial properties, and essential oils do not contain plant essence (e.g., tannins and flavonoids), make pure dew has the effect of skin, its characteristics of low concentration is more likely to be absorbed into the skin.


How to use the hydrosol

  1. drinking: three times a day, one tablespoon at a time, of course, can also be added rock sugar, mountain bulbed tablets mixed flush, long-term drinking can improve the breath, endocrine disorders caused by menstrual instability, dark skin, constipation, and other problems, with the effect of longevity (use with caution).
  2. apply the face: the mask paper soaked with hydrosol, apply to the face until 80% dry, take off and throw away, the best effect, the most obvious; Don’t wait until the paper is completely dry to remove the moisture and nutrients will be sucked into the paper.
  3. Replace toner: after washing your face, spray pure dew on your face, gently pat your face with your hand for several weeks, and the moisture of your skin will increase by 16%.
  4. skincare: such as as a toner, with a base oil and essential oil to make cream or lotion;
  5. facial spray: after mixing the product or several kinds of pure dew do facial spray, skin can be rapidly absorbed, and then feel dry, spray, the interval of dry skin also increases, repeated 10 times, skin moisture content can improve a lot, short time after every three hours to do a spray, skin can keep weeping, fresh every day, for a variety of skin have special effects;
  6. hair care: spray on the hair to make the hair smooth and soft, prevent UV damage, prevent the hair contaminated with soot and other effects;
  7. Bath: add hydrosol for aromatic bathing;
  8. indoor spray: as a pure natural air freshener, indoor spray a few times, can sterilize, leave fragrance. For extremely sensitive skin, dilute with purified water to 30% for the first time.

Note: as for precipitation, it is normal for distilled flower water to have a little soil like fine precipitation at the bottom after standing still.

how to know the fake essential hydrolat

1. Essential oil is mixed with water, and the ingredient list is water, xx essential oil. This one loses its water-soluble component. Characterized by more foam after shaking.

2. flower water add essential oil to add hyaluronic acid, this is the composition of the whole, but the manual deployment, the characteristics of the hand is slippery. Actually this is makeup water, just because popular plant protects skin now, hang sheep head so.

3. flower water add water essence, this is not easy to identify, with more will know how to identify. As for the novice, the first time to use, can only say, too good smell, and your imagination is too close, there may be added flavor. Because pure dew is, after all, extracted from natural plants, the taste of sweet and pleasing most of the cat.


Identification of truffles

  1. must see clearly above all, the pure dew that you buy is distill, still, essential oil adds water to dissolve and become, it is makeup water even basically.
  2. Look at the ingredient list. If hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ethanol and other categories, needless to say, this is the makeup water.
  3. Look at the bubbles. Shake it vigorously and then rest. The foam in the hydrosol usually disappears in about 1 minute. The foam is because of the emulsifier, the stabilizer, and it’s only when you add this water and oil that it doesn’t separate. But add the shake and the foam is fine, leaving more than half after three minutes. Be aware, though, that bubbles will soon disappear if there is alcohol.


Drop essential oils. Hydrosol is oil saturated, which means that the dissolved essential oil has reached its limit. Drop-in a drop of essential oil and shake it hard to see if it dissolves. True truffle can no longer dissolve the essential oil, no matter how you shake it, the essential oil will float on the surface. If it becomes an opaque suspension or emulsion after shaking, an emulsifier is indicated. Not true truffles.

Boil. True gold fears no fire. Since the truffle is condensed water, boil it again. After cooking, some of the essential oils in the truffle will evaporate, and the smell will be lighter. If it is made with essence or emulsifier, the color of flavor will change greatly after cooking.

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