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Purify the mind and relieve stress

Eliminate toxins and improve edema

Prevent aging and restore youthful vitality


Essential oil features:

Extraction: steam distillation of seeds;

Color: light yellow;

Odor: Contains the unique aroma of carrots and the taste of the wild in the mud;

Flavor intensity: medium to strong.

Volatile: general

Main ingredients: carotenol, Asarum, myrrh, smoky, limonene, pine oil.

The main origin: France.


Carrot seed oil

Raw plants: wild carrots. Unlike edible carrots, although the leaves and stems are very similar to edible carrots, the roots are not suitable for consumption.

Scientific name: Daucus carota; Subject: Umbelliferae.

Carrot seed essential oil is distilled from wild carrots, but the commonly eaten carrots also have the possibility of distilling out essential oils. The stems and leaves of these two varieties are quite similar, except that the wild carrots are thicker and the roots are inedible. Its stem has purple flowers and white flowers. The whole plant can be distilled from essential oils. This oil is mainly produced in Europe, and some are from Egypt and India. The essential oil extracted from carrots is different from the well-known edible varieties. The carrots grow to about 1 to 1.5 and can extract essential oils from the seeds.

Since ancient times, carrots are not only edible but also a plant of high medical value. It is rich in β-carotene, and in recent years, it has a strong anti-acidification effect on the surface, so it has a good effect on women’s beauty, restoring skin vitality and elasticity. In addition, it can stimulate the circulation of lymph, help the body toxins, and eliminate edema. This essential oil is as strong as the dried Chinese herbal medicine, with a hint of carrot scent that relieves stress. In addition, the vegetable oil “carrot oil” is extracted from the roots of vegetable oil, and has the same anti-aging effect as essential oils, and is used in massage oils and cosmetic raw materials.

In the ancient world, the medical value of carrots was highly respected, and the name Carrot came from the Greek carrots. Ancient people have recognized the properties of carrots and flatulence and the liver. Since the 16th century, carrots have become more popular, and their ability to deal with skin diseases is even more prestigious.

It is beginning to be used in cancer patients, especially in the throat and stomach. It also has an effect on skin cancer, because carrots are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A has a decisive influence on the health of skin, hair, teeth, and gums.

Carrots have long been associated with good vision, and it can also shorten the time of illness. Carrot seed oil is a food flavoring agent and a very important ingredient in alcoholic beverages and some perfumes.

Caring effect

The effect on the skin:

It has an effect on spots and roughness and restores skin to youth.

Carrot seed oil strengthens red blood cells, so it can improve skin tone and make skin firmer and more elastic. After use, the skin becomes young and energetic, and it can also dilute the age spots. It is the savior of premature aging skin. Prevent the formation of wrinkles – perhaps this is because carrot seed oil can promote epidermal cell regeneration, as well, this function can also promote wound scarring. It is said to improve other skin problems such as wounds and ulcers, white spots, itching, idiots, eczema, and dryness. It can treat inflamed wounds as well as rough and dry skin and corns.

The effect on the body:

Eliminate toxins in the body, improve symptoms such as edema; restore normal menstrual cycle and relieve physical pain.

Excellent body cleansing oil because it has a detoxifying effect on the liver. It is also beneficial to jaundice and other liver problems, and it is very famous to help eliminate kidney stones and improve hepatitis.

It can also clear the intestines, control flatulence, and prevent diarrhea, which can alleviate the pain of stomach ulcers. It can release stagnant water, reduce cystitis, and it seems to calm the condition of gout.

By increasing the number of red blood cells, carrot seed oil can enhance the function and vitality of organs, and may also contribute to anemia and the feeling of fatigue associated with anemia.

It seems to have a role in respiratory problems such as influenza and bronchitis. Because it strengthens the mucosal tissues of the nose, throat, and lungs, it is said to improve cough and frostbite. It has the function of conditioning hormones, so it has excellent effects on the reproductive system. It can regular menstruation, help pregnancy and improve infertility.

The effect on mood:

Reduce stress and eliminate fatigue in this life. It purifies the mind and relieves the feeling of stress and exhaustion.


It is used as a massage essential oil to improve spots.


Promotes skin cell regeneration, fights anemia, eliminates inflammation, antibacterial, anti-infection, eliminates water siltation, strengthens the body, promotes female hormone secretion, and prevents acidification in the body. Swelling, clearing blood, diuresis, passing through, nourishing the liver, stimulating, reinforcing, deworming.

Matching essential oils:

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Note: It is best to avoid use during pregnancy; attached to the clothes will produce stains that cannot be removed.


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