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Hydrosol, also known as water essential oil, refers to a 100% saturated distillate stock solution separated from essential oils during the distillation extraction process. It is a by-product of essential oils. The ingredients are natural and pure, and the fragrance is light and pleasant.

Hydrosol is a condensed aqueous solution obtained by distillation of aromatic plants. During the distillation extraction process, the oil and water will separate. Due to the different density, the essential oil will float on it, and the water will precipitate below. This water is called hydrosol. In addition to containing a small amount of essential oils, the hydrosol contains water-soluble substances in all plants. A hydrosol with 100% plant water-soluble substance, its mineral nutrients (such as tannic acid and flavonoids) are lacking in essential oils. Its low concentration is easily absorbed by the skin. It is completely fragrance-free and alcohol-free. It is mild and non-irritating. Hydrosol can be used as a daily substitute. It can also replace various masks such as pure water.


It has similar functions and effects as the plant essential oil itself, and is more convenient to use. It not only has various therapeutic and maintenance effects on the skin, but also has many uses in daily life. The hydrosol is taken from the essence of fractionation in the distillation process of essential oils, and the fresh or dried plant material is placed in a steam hot melting furnace, the water vapor is used to carry the volatile aromatic plant essential oil to form a water vapor state containing the essential oil, and is condensed into a liquid state by a temperature difference through a conduit of the freezer to separate the hydrosol. Hydrosol contains a variety of precious ingredients in plants, and contains about 0.3% to 0.5% of essential oils, so it still retains the aroma of essential oils, partial curative effect and mild antibacterial properties, and contains plant extracts that are not found in essential oils (such as tannic acid and flavonoids), so that hydrosol has the effect of conditioning the skin, its low concentration makes it more easily absorbed by the skin.

Common usage of hydrosol

1, drinking: three times a day, one tablespoon, of course, you can also add rock sugar, hawthorn tablets mixed with water, long-term drinking can improve tone, endocrine disorders caused by menstrual instability, skin dull, constipation and other issues, with longevity effect. (use with caution)

2, apply the face: soak the mask paper with hydrosol, apply it on the face till 80% dry, remove it and throw it away. Don’t wait until the film is completely dry to remove it, so that water and nutrients will be poured onto the film oh!

3, replace toner: after each face, spray the hydrosol on the face and gently tap the face with hands. After several weeks of continuous use, the skin moisture will increase by 16%.

4, skin care: such as make-up water, with base oil and essential oils to make cream or lotion;

5, facial spray: this product or a few kinds of hydrosol after mixing facial spray, the skin can be quickly absorbed, and then feel dry, then spray, the skin drying interval is also increased, repeated 10 times, the skin water content can be increased a lot in a short time, after every 3 hours to do a spray, the skin can maintain a daily water spirit, fresh state, all kinds of skin have special effects!

6, hair care: spray on the hair to make the hair smooth and soft, to prevent UV damage, prevent hair from contaminating the smoke and other effects;

7, bathing: Adding the hydrosol to make an aromatic bath;

8, indoor spraying: As a pure natural air freshener, it can be sterilized and fragrant after being sprayed indoors for a few times. For extremely sensitive skin, dilute to 30% concentration with pure water for the first time.

About the sedimentation: The flower water obtained by distillation is a normal phenomenon in which a very fine soil-like precipitate is formed at the bottom after standing.

Little general knowledge about hydrosol

Taste: Hydrosol is a purely natural distillation product, without adding any preservatives, exudes the smell of plants, so the smell smells a bit “sour”.

Shelf life: 1 year. Due to the special production process of hydrosol, the best hydrosol shelf life is also very short. In order to ensure that each drop of hydrosol is fresh and pure, it is best to use it within 3 months after opening the cover!

Storage method: Place in a cool and dry place, cover the bottle after use to avoid the evaporation of effective antibacterial ingredients in the hydrosol.

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