By | December 5, 2019

The essential oil massage of different parts is particular about:

1. Head: Use your fingertips to apply massage oil, and use your fingers to massage the entire scalp. When you have a headache, massage around the bottom of the neck and massage up to the bottom of the scalp. The fingers should use a sliding massage action with a strong force to let the essential oil penetrate into the body.

Essential oils are extracted from the stems of various plants. They are very good for soothing the human body, relaxing stress and alleviating various pains. Using essential oils to massage the scalp will have a good effect on the body’s headaches, insomnia, and other symptoms, but The selection requirements for essential oils and massage techniques are relatively strict.

2. Neck: The technique is a small and strong circular motion. It is divided into two sides with a cervical spine, and each is massaged from the bottom of the neck up to the bottom of the scalp.

Massage the skin with essential oils to better regulate the skin’s oil secretion, maintain the skin’s acid-base balance, prevent the skin’s oil from accumulating, avoid various blockages, and avoid skin aging. It can also effectively prevent and relieve cervical spondylosis.

3. Shoulder: Use gliding strokes and kneading techniques, using the thumb and palm, from the shoulder to the neck, repeatedly massage back and forth.

Proper shoulder massage can stimulate blood circulation in the shoulder. When the blood circulation in the body is smooth, the whole person looks full of vitality and ruddy. Sedentary office workers rarely exercise, and the blood in the shoulders does not circulate and is not smooth. It is easy to have shoulder pain if they go on for a long time, so this type of person is very suitable for shoulder massage.

4. Back: Use gliding strokes and kneading techniques, strength can be strong or weak, but do not massage on the spine. Starting from the inside of the back waist, the movements of both hands should be smooth and smooth, massage up to the shoulders, and then massage down to the outside of the back. Repeat this massage many times, the longer the time, the more relaxed the body feels.

Opening a back to make a complete individual feels a few tens of pounds, especially refreshing. Dredge the meridians on the back, push and block the qi and blood, and the back will become thinner a few times. Help women remove yellow and improve complexion. Soothe the nerves, improve the quality of sleep, especially for patients with insomnia, dreams, headaches, and dizziness. It can also effectively help the back to dispel acne.

5. Abdomen: Use the massage method of sliding and stroking. When you massage yourself, use a circular motion in the direction of the clock. When massaging for others, it is counterclockwise.

An abdominal essential oil massage is a massage method that many female friends like very much. Through abdominal essential oil massage, it can not only increase skin temperature and consume energy.

The above are some parts and techniques of essential oil massage. Have you learned it? I hope to help you.

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