By | May 15, 2019

If you own essential oils, perhaps you’ve wondered about how and where you should best store your essential oils. Yes, providing your essential oils with an ideal storage environment will help you get the most out of your oils, and this article is to help you understand what factors play a role in essential oils storage.

Also, I’ll show you a few essential oils storage box and cases options that you might like to consider adding to your oils organizing system! But first off, why would you bother with a special storage system for your oils?


  • Heat and Light – Essential oils are flammable. The sun’s rays can easily make the temperature of your essential oil increase, which may destroy the oil’s properties. Avoid storing your essential oils on top of a hot surface such as a wood stove or a gas range. Make sure to also avoid leaving your essential oil near the window or any place where sunlight can make contact.
  • Temperature Changes – Essential oils (and vegetable oils, too, actually) don’t react too well to sudden temperature changes. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the therapeutic properties of your oils to be diminished, which is not something you want, considering that some of these oils aren’t exactly cheap. Keeping your oils safely tucked away in a proper storage unit will ensure more consistent temperatures in the bottles and their contents.
  • Moisture and Oxygen – Oxidation can occur if the essential oil is exposed to oxygen (fresh air). A consistent contact with the air will deteriorate the oil’s properties and increase the evaporation. When opening the oil’s container, make sure not to let it stay that way especially for a very long time. Also make sure to avoid letting water make contact with the oil because it could let it become cloudy or worse, the water will leak to the bottom of the oil and dilute its properties.


Avoiding heat and light is the primary reason why a good storage unit for your essential oils is needed. You need to find a cool and dry place. The cupboards in your kitchen and bathrooms are some of the best places that you can store your essential oils in as they are mostly dark and somewhat consistent in temperature.


It doesn’t really matter what room of the house you keep your essential oils in. Personally, I like the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. However, some people also like a kitchen cupboard, pantry, or drawer in your bedside table for quick and easy access whenever you’re in need of an oil.

The important thing is that you store your oils in a dry, dark and cool place. DO NOT keep them on a sunny window sill, for example.


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