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The frankincense essential oil is extracted from the mastic, exuding a warm, pure woody aroma and a hint of fruit, which makes you feel relaxed and soothed. Lebanese and Iranian originating in the Middle East, due to the indiscriminate use of trees, the source of frankincense oil is currently extremely expensive. In addition to the woody aroma, the fragrance has some fruity notes, high in olive trees, and the color of the essential oil is light yellow. .


It exudes a warm, pure woody aroma with a hint of fruit and even a hint of lemon. It can feel the relaxation and soothing that never has before.


Frankincense essential oil is a light yellow, near-yellow-brown liquid that is an olive oil.

Extraction method: After cutting the deep nicks of the trunk of the mastic tree, the gum and resin flowing out will solidify into milky waxy particles. These tear-like particles are frankincense. After extracting the frankincense, the most pure frankincense oil can be obtained.

Psychological efficacy

It exudes a warm and pure woody aroma, and reveals a touch of fruity fragrance. It makes people breathe deeper and slower, feels relaxed and soothed never before, makes people feel smooth, and makes their mood better and calmer. It is a soothing but somewhat refreshing effect that can help anxiety and obsess the past mental state.

Appease the inciting mind: The Frankincense essential oil is dripped in the bathtub or dripping in the aromatherapy furnace to soak, inhaling the mastic molecules in the air, purifying the mind and helping to soothe the negative emotions such as irritability, frustration and sadness. It can comfort the invigorating mind, make people feel calm, and help meditation.

Physiological effect

  1. Respiratory system: The frankincense essential oil has the effect of slowing down and deepening the breathing, and has the function of clearing the lungs and removing phlegm. It is very effective for acute and chronic bronchitis, cough and asthma. Agree to be suitable for conditioning long-term smoking caused by poor breathing, shortness of breath and so on.
  2. Reproductive system:Frankincense essential oil can warm the uterus and reconcile menstruation. Its soothing effect is very useful during childbirth, and it also has excellent soothing effect on postpartum depression. Good for genitourinary tract, can relieve cystitis, nephritis and general vaginal infections. Its astringent properties reduce the symptoms of uterine bleeding and excessive menstrual bleeding.

Beauty effect

The frankincense oil is extracted from the mastic, exuding a warm, pure woody aroma and a hint of fruit, which makes you feel relaxed and soothed. As early as in ancient Egypt, people used frankincense to make masks to keep their youth. The color of the essential oil is light yellow, which has antibacterial effect, promotes wound scarring, diminishes scars and wrinkles, enhances cell activity, calms, replenishes and rejuvenates, regulates dry, aging and dull skin, restores skin elasticity and tightens pores.

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