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11 Impressive Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Product information

Product name: Mellissa Essential Oil

English Name: Melissa

Product taste: Unique herbaceous plant flavor, fresh and sweet, a little like lemon.

Product taste: Unique herbaceous plant flavor, fresh and sweet, a little like lemon.

Essential oil appearance: Light lemon liquid

Volatile: moderate volatilization.

Main production area: France, Croatia

Product function

Main function:

Mellissa essential oil is extracted from melissa officinalis, which has very good effect on peace of mind. It is also one of the most commonly used essential oil for the treatment of allergies. In the hot water of the foot bath, a few drops of lemon balm essential oil can be added to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and meridian. It can also achieve the effect of removing athlete’s foot odor.

Psychological effective:The smell of lemon balm oil makes people calm and entertaining. It is used for mental and physical disorders and autonomic nervous disorders caused by depression and anxiety.

Physical effective: Mellissa essential oil also has the effect of smoothing and regulating the menstrual cycle, and can also regulate the periodicity of female ovulation. It can help lower blood pressure, calm down the breathing and heartbeat, and is a cure for shock or convulsions.

Physical function: It is effective for allergic symptoms of skin and respiratory tract, which can help lower blood pressure, improve eczema, asthma, bronchitis, indigestion, nausea and nausea. In addition, it also helps women adjust their menstrual period and relieve menstrual pain. It is good for improving the symptoms of the cold, but also can reduce fever and alleviate the headache and migraine that comes with the cold.

Spiritual effect: It helps to appease the state of unbalanced mind, and also remove the depression in the chest. In a state of emotional tension, you can give appropriate comfort and help you to weather irregular moods.

Beauty effect: It can regulate the allergic skin, let the metabolism be normal, and make the skin have a healthy luster.

Other effect: It can effectively insect repellants, can effectively anti-worm, reduce mosquito bites, can be filled into bottles, diluted with distilled water, sprayed in the required environment to prevent mosquitoes.

Selected formula

  1. Improve skin condition: Massage, suitable for oily acne skin, heal wounds, prevent eczema, help the scalp oil, hair loss baldness. Sweet almond oil 20 ml + mellissa essential oil 3 drops + cedar 3 drops + juniper 4 drops
  2. Female care: Smooth regulation of menstruation, regulation of ovulation cycle, improvement of infertility, irregular menstruation.  Base oil 20 ml + mellissa essentiall oil 4 drops + geranium 4 drops + basil 2 drops
  3. Circulatory system: Slow breathing, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, especially for lowering blood pressure and stopping phlegm. Mellissa essential oil 4 drops + 3 drops of ylang ylang + 2 drops of happy sage
  4. Digestive system: Massage, it is a nourishing essential oil, it is very effective in smoothing the digestive tract, can help digestion, flatulence.
  5. Respiratory system: Vapor inhalation is effective for bronchitis and respiratory failure caused by influenza. It can also treat asthma and calm the respiratory tract. 2 drops of mellissa essential oil + 2 drops of eucalyptus + 1 drop of ginger
  6. Nervous system: Incense, it can prevent dizziness, fainting and depression. Melllissa essential oil 3 drops+3 drops of lavender + 2 drops of Roman chamomile
  7. Uplifting emotions: incense, mellissa essential oil 3 drops+ 3 drops of sweet orange + 2 drops of frankincense.
  8. Apply face: The essential oil of lemon balm drops into the washbasin and is applied to the face with a wrung towel. Inhalation of aroma helps to release headaches and migraine caused by colds, insomnia.

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