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Rose esential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is called “” essential oil queen” “.It can adjust female endocrine, nourish uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, improve sexual apathy and menopause discomfort.Especially it has the very good hairdressing and skin care function, can dilute spot, promote melanin decomposition, improve dry skin , restore skin elasticity, Make women have white, elastic and healthy skin.It is the suitable feminine health care fragrant essential oil.Rose essential oil is the world’s premium concentrated essence, is the essence of essential oil, is an important and expensive raw material for the manufacture of premium perfume, not only used to make cosmetics such as beauty, skin care, hair care, but also widely used in medicine and food.

Whitening effect

The whitening effect of rose essential oil depends on three characteristics of essential oil: super permeability, perfect absorption rate and 100% safety.Rose essential oil is the only essential oil that can penetrate deeply into the skin and circulate in the body without chemical residue. It is an aromatic liquid substance extracted from flowers, leaves, seeds and other parts of natural plants.The essential oil penetrates the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin for 3-5 seconds.Enter the blood and lymphatic system of human body 5-8 minutes and 4-12 hours surround human body one week, carries toxins out of the body.Do not need to dilute when using, use directly.Use at night before going to bed, not during the day.

Best source

Bulgaria, especially the kazanlek rose valley, is already a mecca for rose lover

Technical essential

  1. Rose flowers are taken out of the yellow-brown rose oil within 24 hours after picking up in the morning. About five tons of flowers can only extract two pounds of rose oil, so it is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.
  2. Picking: The picking time of roses has a great relationship with the content of rose essential oil. Generally, the oil content is the highest at 5-7 in the morning, and the most suitable temperature is 15-23 °C, and the relative humidity is 55-70%. The flower opening degree is different for different oil content. When the flower is opened to a half cup shape and the flower is yellow, the oil content is the highest.
  3. Transportation: After the picking, pay attention to the use of a well-ventilated container during the transportation process. Take the flower basket and sack as well, and fill it naturally. Do not squeeze it, so as to avoid oil loss due to heat generation.
  4. Pre-treatment before processing: (1) After the rose is picked, it should be processed immediately, and the storage time should not exceed 2 hours. The roses that are too late to be processed can be temporarily stored, and the rose is thinned on the cement floor or on the wet ground. And should be often fliped. (2) The salt water is drowned and preserved. The flowers are flooded in a clean and impervious pool with 20% saline solution. The salt water should be completely submerged and sealed.
  5. Storage: Rose essential oil is a mixture of organic substances such as polyols, hydrocarbons and polyenes. It is easy to oxidize and affect the quality of aroma when exposed to light and exposed to air. Therefore, it is best to use brown glass bottles to seal, store and store. In the shadows.

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