By | July 28, 2018

Lemon essential oils can improve the function of the circulatory system, including promoting blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and stopping nosebleeds. It strengthens the immune system, purifies the body, improves digestive function, breaks down cellulite, treats indigestion and constipation. Lemon essential oil has the effect of soothing and relieving headaches and migraine. It also helps to treat arthritis and rheumatism by neutralizing the acidic substances in the body. It also helps clean acne, cleans greasy skin and hair, and removes dead skin cells.

1) incense burner and evaporator incense

In steam therapy, lemon essential oils can be used to treat colds, loss of sound, flu, depression, lack of energy and fatigue. In addition, it can alleviate the stimuli, but also improve attention, uplift, refresh the mind and help deal with problems decisively.

2) Do a compound massage oil or dilute in the tub

Lemon essential oils are used as a combination massage oil or diluted in a tub. They can be used to treat digestive problems, lack of energy, fatigue, infection, flu, obesity, rheumatism, depression and as a common tonic.

3) Make ingredients for face cream or lotion

When used in the cream or lotion ingredients, lemon essential oils can cleanse the skin. Its astringency is particularly suitable for oily skin. In addition, its antiseptic effect can be used to treat cuts, burns and minor wounds. Its redness-enhancing effect can be used to break down cellulite and treat acne.

4) Ingredients for making mouthwash

Dilute lemon essential oil  in mild water ,It can useas a very good mouthwash for the treatment of oral ulcers.

5) Other usage

The use of this fresh scent of citrus essential oil s is not only manifested in making decisions and promoting concentration of energy, but in Japanese banks, it is used to clean the air and relieve work fatigue. It is also a popular ingredient for food and perfume.

6) Essential oil  suitable for mixing with lemon essential oil

Lavender, rose, sandalwood, benzoin, eucalyptus, geranium, fennel, neroli and elem essential oil.



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