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Aniseed essential oil, extracted from the seeds of fennel by distillation. Its essential oil has a spicy and pungent smell, like licorice, and is very warm. The essential oil of fennel is very toxic, so it is rarely used. More than 90% of the ingredients of fennel are fennel brain. If the dosage is too high or if it is repeatedly used for a long time, it will reduce the blood circulation speed of the human body, damage the human brain, produce a drowsy feeling, and maybe addictive. Cinnamomum essential oil appears solid at low temperatures, so it should be melted with hand temperature before use.


Efficacy and role of essential oil of fennel

Antiemetic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, heart-friendly, flatulence, digestive, diuretic, phlegm-reducing, lactating, insecticidal, laxative, parasiticidal, midwifery, lung-stimulating, encouraging, stomach-friendly.


Illicium verum

People often say that the quality of Illicium verum is not as good as that of Illicium verum, but the Chinese are very good at using Illicium verum in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a popular appetizer, and it is sometimes ground into a powder and added to coffee or tea to make the breath fresh. Meat dishes such as pigs or ducks can be seasoned with Illicium verum and can even be added to desserts. After it was introduced to Europe by British maritime explorers in the 16th century, it became very popular. France, Germany, and Italy used it as a flavoring agent for wine.


Illicium verum oil

Illicium verum essential oil is penetrating and spicy, similar to fennel. Exterior

This ancient and exotic evergreen tree comes from East Asia and can grow up to 9 meters tall. It only likes to grow up in its hometown, with few traces. The whitebark is decorated with yellow flowers and star-shaped fruits. When the fruit is in a fresh green state, it is sent for distillation. The obtained essential oil smells like fennel and is strong. Illicium verum essential oil is derived from Chinese anise and is sometimes called green fennel because of its green color. Japanese star anise (Illicium re1igiosum) is poisonous


Illicium verum essential oil body effect

It seems to be a full range of essential oils for the digestive system, as it has very strong anti-flatulence properties. Soothe the stomach, reduce nausea, effectively overcome constipation by stimulating gastrointestinal motility. Overall it is beneficial to the intestine. Perhaps because of this, it has the function of reducing hernia symptoms.

Dropping a few drops of Illicium verum essential oil into the hot water of the foot bath can achieve the purpose of activating blood and meridians, and can also remove the athlete’s foot and foot odor.

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