By | January 16, 2020

The second China international import expo (ciie) will open in Shanghai on November 5. After attending the first expo last year, Doterra, one of the world’s leading essential oil enterprises, will present again this year with nearly 800 essential oils from more than 40 countries and regions. And the world’s first raw material during the expo from China’s sweet incense essential oil.

800 essential oils make the most fragrant booth

Based on the spillover effect of the first expo, Doterra expanded the first exhibition booth of 9 square meters by more than 10 times, reaching 108 square meters. Booth with roses, little Daisy and ferns, set up more than four meters high wall of green plants, develop into the “tropical rain forest” in the expo, with 800 essential oil and all kinds of plants emit fragrance, terry more goals to build the second into the fair booth, the most delicious bring visitors full experience senses such as vision, the sense of smell.


Doterra booth related person in charge said that Doterra entered China, sales have been more than 60 percent growth rate every year. Last year alone, Doterra China paid nearly 200 million yuan in taxes, ranking 67th among the top 100 tax-paying enterprises in jing ‘a district. This ranking will continue to rise this year. After the first expo, the development of Doterra  in China has ushered in a new milestone, Doterra (Shanghai) management co., ltd. was recognized as the regional headquarters of multinational companies by the Shanghai municipal government. At the same time, our first factory in China was officially completed last December.

The world’s first essential oil of Chinese elements

This year, during the expo, Doterra will be the world’s first batch of essential oil from China — sweet-scented oil. The essential oil is extracted from the tree. It is said that the wayang palace of the Han dynasty is full of such beautiful trees.


From liquidambar tree to liquidambar essential oil, behind each 15ml glass bottle is the spirit of perseverance. According to the person in charge of the research and development of torii products, because of the value of the maple resin, local residents in the collection of maple resin, the use of indiscriminate cutting of the original way, resulting in trees scarred, not only on the growth of the maple tree impact but also a large number of abnormal deaths. Zeng Tao, a professor and deputy dean of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering at Nanjing forestry university, felt sorry for them and began to look for ways to protect the trees. After more than ten years of taking root in mountainous areas, a set of sustainable development and utilization methods of liquid ambrosia were summarized. Mr.Doterra commercialized the technique he had taught, shipping the resin back to the United States to be refined and refined into the essential oil. “In the next step, while purchasing raw materials from some remote and poor areas in China, we will actively provide local people with the techniques and training they have been taught in extracting sweet gum resin, so as to realize the goal of teaching people how to fish for fish and taking targeted measures to alleviate poverty.” Doterra booth related person in charge said.

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