Over the past 20 years, our company is committed to the field of stainless steel distillation equipment, containers. Now we are global stainless steel distillation equipment, cosmetics equipment design, solutions experts.

The business scope of the company is divided into Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa and France, and France. It provides various types of essential oil extraction equipment and technical services. It has trade and technical cooperation with Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, and Vietnam. Incense, lemon-vanilla, and another aromatic plant essential oil extraction technology services.

Our company is rich in technical resources, has a first-class technical team, in Taiwan and the mainland were equipped with skincare products laboratory, to provide technical research and development services, integration of natural plants, marine and biochemical raw materials, product information synchronized with Europe and the United States popular.

Our company in France and China Shandong Qingdao, Zhejiang Quzhou, Henan Nanyang, Shaanxi Xi’an, Gansu Lanzhou, and other places to build a professional aromatic plant cultivation and processing base, with the most complete domestic species, the best quality, in full compliance with the aroma of natural plant extracts Way of essential oils. For customers to provide technical series of skincare products development, with independent formula.

Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system.  Integrity, strength, and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance, and business negotiations.

The existing cooperative representative customer group:

Germany GEA, Sweden’s DeLaval (DeLaval)
The United States BOUMATIC (Bo US special), Denmark SAC,
Netherlands MEGA, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Burundi,
Yangzi Pharmaceutical, Shandong Huinong Rose, Tibet Pure Land Biology, Henan Jinyu Rose, Nanyang Jiarong Technology, Shanxi Vera Technology, etc.
Pinyin Rose Institute, Jilin Changbai Mountain Research Institute, Fujian Provincial Agricultural Research Institute, Quanzhou Agricultural Institute, Zhejiang Forestry Research Institute,
Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Yangzhou University, Chongqing University, Guangzhou University, Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southwest Forestry University


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