Essential oil Distillation Equipment Selection Scheme

There are many kinds of selection schemes for essential oil distillation equipment. According to the different needs of customers, we classify the current market selection scheme into the following categories:

  1. According to the capacity and raw materials of essential oils;
  2. According to the size of the essential oil distillation equipment;
  3. According to the distillation method of raw materials;
  4. According to the residual amount of raw oil and slag discharge method;
  5. Special requirements can be customized.

1.According to the capacity and raw materials of essential oils;

We recommend the most suitable essential oil distillation equipment according to the customer’s essential oil raw materials and capacity.

Flowers Rose; jasmine; lavender; chamomile; ylang-ylang; geranium; neroli;
clary sage; achillea millefolium; osmanthus; peony; marigold; laurel;
Leaves Tea tree; eucalyptus; mint; patchouli; juniper berry; cypress; pine needles;
spearmint; basil.
Roots Ginseng; ginger; angelica; garlic; vetivert; angelica root; mugwort;
borneol camphor.
Grasses Rosemary; verbena; lemongrass; melissa; nardostachys; tarragon; caraway;
dill; valerian; houttuynia; wintergreen;  evening primrose.
Wood Sandalwood; cedarwood; rosewood; agarwood; Birch; holly; camphor;
melaleuca; sassafras.
Resins Frankincense; myrrh; benzoin; fir tree; Amyris; Elemi.
Bark Cinnamon.
Citrus Bergamot; grapefruit; lemon; orange; lime; tangerine.
Seeds Cloves; almonds; cardamom; carrot seed; pomegranates; pepper;
capsicum; fennel.

Production of raw materials

Raw material oil yield% Raw material oil yield%
Gaultheria procumbens 0.66 Eugenia caryophylatta 14-21
Achillea millefolium 0.007-0.05 Coriandrum Officinalis 1
Cymbopogon nardus 2.0-4.0 Anethum graveolens 2.5-4
Pimenta dioica 4.5 Eucalyptus spp 1.0-7.0
Angelica seed 0.3-1.0 Foeniculum vulgare 4.0-6.0
Angelica plant 0.6-1.5 Boswellia carterii 3.5-6.0
Arnica montana plant 1.5-4 Pelargonium graveolens 0.3-2.0
Arnica montana flower 1 Juniperus communis 1.5
anisum 1.5-4 Lavendula angustifolia 0.5-1.0
Ocimum basilicum 0.5-1.5 Citrus Limonum 2
Laurel nobilus 3 Melissa officinalis 0.015
Melaleuca leucadendron 1 Origanum majorana 0.9
Cinnamomum camphora 2 Myristica fragrans 15-25
Carum carvi 3.2-7.4 Citrus spp 1.5-2.0
Cinnamomum cassia 1.5 Origanum vulgare 1.2
Santalum album 2-4.5 Petroselinum crispum 6
Melaleuca chamomilla 0.3-1 Mentha piperita 1.0-2.5
Anthemis nobilis 0.3-1 Pinus spp 0.5-3.0
Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0.1 Rosa spp 0.04
Salvia sclares 0.1-0.34 Rosmarinus officinalis 0.5-2.0

2.According to the size of the essential oil distillation equipment
We can recommend the most suitable equipment according to the customer’s expected factory floor area

Model LSZL-0.01 LSZL-0.2 LSZL-1 LSZL-1.5 LSZL-4 LSZL-10
Volume(L) 10 200 1000 1500 4000 10000
Estimate the floor area length 620 1200 7500 5100 8500
width 300 810 2600 2400 4000
height 980 2800 5500 4900 8000

3.According to the distillation method of raw materials

Different raw material distillation methods will also be different, the distillation tank of the equipment will also have great differences according to the distillation method, see the structure diagram.

Essential oil distillation methods can be divided into the following types:

1)Direct water vapor distillation

Direct water vapor distillation is a method of direct heating or distilling or distilling crude powders or fragments containing volatile components after soaking and wetting. such as Orange peel

2) steam distillation method

steam distillation is a method in which raw materials and water are placed in still pots and separated by a sieve plate. The steam heating mode is used. This method is widely used. It is applicable to small diameter, dry materials after crushing, and materials that are difficult to be adhered after being heated. such as
Lavender, chamomile, mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus leaves, white orchid, orange leaves, laurel leaves

3) Water distillation
Water distillation is a mode in which raw materials and water are put into a distillation pot according to a certain ratio, and raw materials and water are mixed and heated. This method is suitable for large, fragile, such as rose, and easily bonded raw materials. (Aromatic plants with high ester content are not recommended. Use this method)

4.According to the residual amount of essential oil materials and slag discharge method

The amount of raw material remaining in the essential oil distillation equipment will vary depending on the raw material and the distillation method.

The residue discharge of raw materials is mainly divided into the following types:

1)Butterfly valve slagging (manual, electric, pneumatic)

2)Large diameter pneumatic valve slagging

3)Side manhole slag

4)Basket slag discharge

5.We can customize the essential oil distillation equipment according to the customer’s special requirements and other requirements.


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