Falling Film Evaporator – Industrial Scale

Industrial Wiped Film Distillation System Introduction

Our Scientific is offering a turnkey solution for industrial-scale wiped film (molecular) distillation systems with 1m², 2m², 3m², or larger evaporation surface area, capable of distilling more than 100L/hr crude oil.

The standard one stage wiped film (molecular) distillation system can be customized to multi-stages according to customer’s requirements.


  • Larger throughput, up to 200kg/hr.

  • SS316L design, durable in use.

  • Short residence time and uniform heating

  • Automatic and continuous distillation process.

Technical Parameters

Evaporator Part No. SMD-10 SMD-20 SMD-50
Evaporation Area 1 ㎡ 2 ㎡ 5 ㎡
Material 316L
Power 1.5KW 3KW 4KW
Variable Frequency Drive Constant Speed
Seal Mechanical Seal
Wiper Style Scraper
Feed Vessel Volume 100L 100L 200L
Type Jacketed
Material Inlet Method Gear Pump
Processing Rate 20L~60L/H 30L~100L/H 50L~300L/H
Power 750W Variable Frequency Drive
ColdTrap Dewar Style (1pcs ) 3㎡ 3㎡ 10㎡
Cooling Coil (1pcs) 3㎡ 3㎡ 10㎡
Receiving Vessel (2pcs) 5L 5L 5L
Distillate & Residue Processing Rate 20L ~ 60L/H 30L ~ 100L/H 50L ~ 200L/H
Storage Tank 50L Heat insulated Buffering Storage Tank
Method Gear Pump
Power 750W 750W 1.5KW
Variable Frequency Drive
Internal Condenser Temperature Control Water Tank Volume 100L 200L
Heating Power 6KW 6KW
Heat Exchanging Area 5㎡ 10㎡
Pipeline Jacketed
Support Frame 304 Stainless Steel Pipe
Integrated Electric Cabinet Not explosion proof

Turnkey Solution


Send us your enquiries and our representative will answer you accordingly.

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