Production of Essential Oils Steam Distillation Solvent Extraction CO2 Extraction Maceration Enfleurage Cold-Press Extraction Water Distillation Water and Steam Distillation IN ESSENCE Rather than being synthetically manufactured in labs, essential More

Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil Jasmine essential oil is called “the king of essential oils”. Jasmine essential oils are extremely low in yield and therefore very expensive. They have an elegant scent More

Sandalwood Essential oil and its equipment

Sandalwood oil benefits: If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, fitness experts say you shouldn’t look beyond sandalwood oil. The oil helps calm your nervous system, which leads More

How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

Essential oils can be extracted via two key methods: Distillation (includes hydrodistillation) and Expression. Absolutes, other the other hand, can be extracted via Solvent extraction or Enfleurage, although enfleurage is rarely performed in the modern day. More

What affects the quality of essential oils?

What plays an even more interesting role in the development and extraction of essential oils is the treatment of the plants, especially the outside influences that can directly affect their internal constituents. Something More

What are Essential Oils?

Therapeutic grade essential oil is very different than pure grade, aromatherapy or even certified organic essential oils. So I want to take the time to explain what is unique about them. And why it is in More