Falling Film Evaporator – Industrial Scale

Falling Film Evaporator Introduction

Our Scientific is offering a turnkey solution for industrial-scale falling film evaporator with 100L/hr-1000L/hr evaporation rate, capable of distilling more than 100L/hr crude oil. With the compact design, our falling film evaporator is easy to assemble and to move.

Our offers the whole solution for herbs extraction and crude oil distillation.

  • 100L/hr – 1000L/hr evaporation rate available.

  • Short residence time.

  • Compact structure, small footprint.

  • Easy to assemble and move.

Technical Parameters of Falling Film Evaporator

①Shell-and-tube heat exchanger ③Preheater ⑤Plate heat exchanger 2 ⑦Storage tank 2
②Oil-air separator ④Plate heat exchanger ⑥Storage tank 1 ⑧Vacuum pump

Technical Parameters


Model FFE-100L FFE-200L FFE-30OL FFE-500L
Ethanol throughput (Lh) 100 200 300 500
Solvent recovery efficiency 98%-99.99%
Ethanol recovery efficiency 98%-99.99%
Material SUS316L(material contact part);suS304(other parts)
Heavier component tank (L) 60 60 120 120
Ethanol recovery tank(L) 120 250 or 120 250 250
Discharging interface 1.5”
Feoding interface 3/4″
Vacuum interface 3″ 3″ 3″ 3″
Dimension(mm) 1350×800 x2420 1800 x900x2420 1900x950x2430 2200×1000 x2940
Weight (kg) 750 9o0 1000 1150
Voltage System voltage is based on the suppoting circulators(no electricity for itself)

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Turnkey Solution of Falling Film Evaporator:


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