Centrifuge Extractor

Centrifuge Extraction Machine Introduction

Centrifuge Extraction Machine (Ethanol Extraction System) that uses closed-loop technology enables operators to target botanical oil compounds from diverse plant species. Boasting a 97% alcohol removal from biomass. Our Centrifuge Extractor is ideal for Hemp oil extraction.

The Centrifuge Extractor Series system streamlines production times and maximizes extraction yield, ensuring the delivery of high purity extractions. Comes equipped with on-demand heating and chilling, providing the system with maximum control and ease of operation.

Technical Parameters of Centrifuge Extraction Machine

Model LXJ-450 LXJ-600 LXJ-8O0 LXJ-1000 LXJ-1200
Basket Diameter (mm) 450 600 8O0 1000 1200
Basket Volume(L) 60 110 180 290 530
Biomass per Batch (lbs) 15 30 50 9o 150
Biomass per 8Hr Shift (lbs) 300 600 1000 1800 3000
LiquidVolume (LGal) 100/26 170/45 340/9o 570/50 870/230
Temperature Rating (oC) -60 -60 -60 -60 -60
Max Speed (rpm) 1900 1250 1200 1000 950
Motor Power (kW) 2 4 7.5 11 18.5
Connections Lid:3×1.5″ Tri-Clamp Ports,2 xSight Glasses
Discharge:1×2″Tri-Clamp Port
Weight (kg) 400 810 1700 2500 3300
Centrifuge Dimension (LxWxH mm) 100Ox750x800 1300x900x1010 1750x1250x1080 2000x1450x1140 2300x1600x1470
Control Cabinet Dimension(LxWHmm) 500x400x1200 500x400x1200 500x400x1200500x400120O 500400A1200
Control PLCTouch Screen
Certification GMP Standard,UL Optional
Electricity 240V,3 Phase,60Hz or Customizable

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