1000L Patchouli/ Leave/ Hemp leaves/ Lovage/ Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

Product Description

Product Application of essential oil extraction equipment

  • health products
  • biological drugs
  • Cosmetics,Perfumeand food

Effect of essential oil:

1.The essence of essential oils can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, mold, prevent inflammation, prevent spasm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration.
2.Essential oils for Endocrinology, metabolism, urinary system, venereal, venereal, immune system, gynecologic disease, muscle, bone disease, skin disease, symptoms and diseases of the body, nervous system and mental disease, eye, ear, nose, mouth, dental disease, respiratory system diseases, blood circulation system diseases, Digestive system diseases are very effective.
3.In Skin care:

  1. Skin whitening
  2. Anti-aging
  3. shrink pores
  4. Desalination and expulsion of fine lines
  5. Light spot

In body:
1.Chest and chest
2.Lip Balm
3.Eye Care

Main advantage essential oil extraction equipment:

1)Advance technology:automatic operation,more convenient and safer when running operation

(2)Saving space: needn’t large hoisting equipment for installation and operation

(3)High efficiency. Pressure device in kettle can shorten the distillation time,4-6 hours finish one batch.

(4)   Easy operation. One people can operate this machine easily .

Product composition

Structure type

The device consists of inverted vertebral distillation kettle, demister, condensing tower, oil-water separator, double filter, supercharger, material conveyor belt and essential oil, pure dew collection tank, pure dew storage tank, food grade pump and other related pipelines composition. Equipment internal surface polishing Ra≤0.6μm,Outer surface matte treatment Ra≤0.8μm,To ensure that no health dead ends, in line with GMP requirements.

Product Parameters
Distillation kettle Effective volume: 10000L, using high-pressure steam through heating.
Inside: working pressure: normal pressure;design temperature:120℃,work temperature≤100℃.Working medium:water; Upper oval headδ=6mm/S30408,Cylinder δ=6mm/S30408.
Sewage valve:DN200,
Demister Size Φ300×750,δ=3mm/S30408,Demister inside has baffle, The top of the demister is set to the quick opening hole. Demister to facilitate cleaning.Meet the GMP requirements.
Condenser vertical coil condenser
Steam distributor Three-dimensional steam distributor, a more thorough steam through the material, improve the yield and quality of essential oils.
Oil water separator Stainless steel tank,Glass as the cup,Dedicated oil – water separator. Volume: 100L,size δ=3mm/S30408.
Double filter 120 mesh filter,flow 6.0m3/h,material S30408.

Material Information

Material of  Essential oil distillation extracting equipment  :

Flowers Rose; jasmine; lavender; chamomile; ylang ylang; geranium; neroli;
clary sage;achillea millefolium; osmanthus; peony; marigold;l aurel;
Leaves Tea tree; eucalyptus; mint; patchouli; juniperberry; cypress; pine needles;spearmint; basil.
Roots Ginseng; ginger; angelica; garlic; vetivert; angelica root; mugwort;borneol camphor.
Grasses Rosemary; verbena; lemongrass; melissa; nardostachys; tarragon; caraway;
dill; valerian; houttuynia; wintergreen;  evening primrose.
Wood Sandalwood; cedar wood; rosewood; agarwood; Birch; holly; camphor;melaleuca; sassafras.
Resins Frankincense; myrrh; benzoin; fir tree; amyris; Elemi.
Bark Cinnamon.
Citrus Bergamot; grapefruit; lemon; orange; lime; tangerine .
Seeds Cloves; almonds; cardamom; carrot seed; pomegranates; pepper;capsicum ; fennel.

Raw material Oil Yield (%)  Raw material Oil Yield (%)
Gaultheria procumbens 0.66 Eugenia caryophylatta 14-21
Achillea millefolium 0.007-0.50 Coriandrumm officinalis 1
Cymbopogon nardus 2.0-4.0 Anetlnun graveolens 2.5-4
Pimenta d ica 4.5 Eucalyprus spp 1.0-7.0
Angelica seed 0.3-1.0 Foeniculum vulgare 4 .0-6.0
Angelica plant 0.6-1.5 Boswellia carterii 3.5-6.0
Amica montana plant 1 Pelargonium graveolens 0.3-2.0
Amica montana flower 1 Juniperus communis 1.5
arusum 1.5-4 Lavendula angustifolia 0.5-1.0
Ocimum basilicum 0.5-1.5 Citrus limonum 2
Laurel nobilus 3 Melissa offivinalis 0.015
Melaleuca leucadendron 1 Origarunn majorana 0.9
Cinnamomum camphora 2 Myristica fragrans 15-25
Carum carvi 3.2-7.4 Citrus spp 1.5-2.0
Cinnamomum cassia 1.5 Origanum vulgare 1.2
Santalum album 2-4.5 Petroselinum crispum 6
Matricaria chamomilla 0.3-1 Mentha piperita 1.0-2.5
Anthemis nobilis 0.3-1 Pinus spp 0.5-3.0
Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0.1 Rosa spp 0.04
Salvia sclarea 0.1-0.34 Rosmarinus officinalis 0.5-2.0



Q1: What is the Warranty for the machines?
A1: 1 year for free.
Q2: What is the Material?
A2: Stainless steel.
Q3: When can I get the price?
A3: Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly call us.
Q4: Whether the machine price can be more discount?
A4: In general, our MOQ is 1set with very reasonable price, but if large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately give you a little discount.
Q5: How to ask quotation?
A5: Please note us what type of raw materials , and how many kgs of raw materials you want to treat per batch, then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.
Q6: Can we ask the oil plant for different types of oil?
A6: Yes, but we recommend no more than 3 different types.
Q7: Essential oil plants require how large of a workspace? 
A7: The land area typically depends on the capacity of the plant. We can suggest an appropriate space to prepare after given specifications, or, can design the oil plant in-house specifically to the amount of workspace available.
Q8: How long will it take to receive my products?
A8: As a general rule, it will take one Month for us to produce.
Q9: Do you offer oversea installation?
A9: We’ll send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.

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  1. Здравствуйте сколько будет стоить установка на газе и сколько будет стоить установка на дровах 1000 литров

  2. I would like to start producing essencial oils an I woul need the equipment you provide. However I live in South Italy, is there any chance you could install it where I live? If not can you address me to any company like yours that operates in Italy?
    Thank you!

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