10L Pure Copper Gourd Shape Essential Oil Distiller

Gourd Shape Essential Oil Still Application

This 10L home essential oil distillation kit is a fabulous gift for all the people who love artisan essential oil extraction. It is of cute body and shinning look and applicable for multiple extracting ways and purposes. Since it was launched, it has been very popular in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Another kind of home essential oil distillation equipment is here.

Features of 10L essential oil extraction equipment

  • Free choice of steam distillation or water distillation.
  • Both hydrosol and essential oil extraction can be realized.
  • No additional heating device is needed for we provide light wave stove
  • It covers only about 1.5 square meters.
  • High efficiency. You can get 800ml hydrosol every 40 minutes.

Gourd Shape Essential Oil Still Product Parameters

1. Structure: 

  • The equipment is made of distillation kettle, demister, condenser, cooler, oil and water separator, re-distillation device, coagulate fragrance device, 220V 2.2KW electric ceramic stove and related pipes. Distillation equipment is all made of copper stainless steel. The inner surface of the equipment is polished with Ra ≤ 0.6μm and the mirror surface treatment with Ra ≤ 0.8μm to ensure that there is no dead corner and meet the GMP requirements.

2. Distillation kettle: 

  • effective volume: 10L, direct heating with tank bottom.
  • Kettle inside:
    Design pressure: 0.09 Mpa;
    Working pressure: atmospheric pressure;
    Design temperature: 120 ℃;
    Working temperature:≤ 100 ℃;
    Working medium: water;
    Barrel = 1.5mm/copper;
    Upper oval head= 1.5mm/copper;
  • Pipeline hole: thermometer connector, reflux inlet, liquid outlet, related pipe joints etc.

3. Condenser: vertical condenser, heat exchange area> 0.03 square meter.

  • Tube pass:
    Design pressure: atmospheric pressure;
    Working pressure: atmospheric pressure;
    Design temperature: 100 ℃;
    Working temperature ≤ 100 ℃;
    Working medium: secondary steam.
    Tube pass: Φ 19 x 1.5;
    Material :copper;
  • Shell pass:
    Design pressure: 0.3 Mpa;
    Working pressure: atmospheric pressure;
    Working temperature: 15 ~ 40℃.
    Working medium: cooling water.

4. Oil and water separator: tank material: δ1.5mm/copper, top glass;
Tank volume: 3L;

5. Electric ceramic stove: working voltage 220V/50HZ triphase.  
     Maximum heating power: 2.2kw, 22-speed adjustable.

6. Accessories: 1pcs electric ceramic stove (lightwave furnace), 1pcs thermometer, 1pcs silicone tube, and tube clamps.

Model LSZL-0.01
Distillation kettle volume( L) 10
working voltage(V) 220V/50HZ triphase
Maximum heating power (kW) 2.2
Packing Size(mm) 1055*805*345
Packing weight(kg) 27.1

Product Display

Installation Diagram of Gourd-shaped Essential oil Extraction Equipment


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    10L Gourd-shaped Essential Oil Distiller