Essential oil distillation equipment workflow

Meysam, a client from Iran, went with us to the rose garden in hangzhou to see the working process of 1000L essential oil distillation equipment.

In this project, we get along well, and Meysam is very satisfied with our products. The important thing is that they said our essential oil distillation equipments are very professional, the oil products are very pure, and the quality is very good.Finally,they said they said happy to come to China and love China very much.

The working process includes four aspects:

Raw material to plant—Feeding—Distillation Opreate—Oil production stage.

On the distillation process of essential oils want to know more can play the following video

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  1. Gentlemen
    We would like to establish a factory for distillation of al-Yousufi paper, flower of nerange, orange flower and olive paper
    Production of 10 tons in 24 hours on steam
    Please give me the details of the production line and the price and price delivery Port Alexandria Egypt

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