Essential oil extraction means extract essential oil from plants. The normal extraction way includes distillation, pressing, chemical solvent extraction, water-oil separation, CO2 extraction, as well as soaking method. Now, we will introduce essential oil distillation.

Essential oil distillation

It is the common way we got essential oil, 95% of fragrant plant essential oil distillates by this way.

We put the fragrant plant (flower, leaves, bits of woods, resin, phloretin, and etc.) into the distilling kettle, we heat or steam the kettle bottom. When the kettle is full of vapour, the fragrant essential oil in the plant will distillate, together with the vapour in top of the condensate, it will be introduced into the condensate. Condensate is a screw tube, which surrounded by cool water, it will cool the vapour and the vapour of essential oil, and transform it into oil-water mixed liquid, than flow into the oil-water separator. Lighter than water, the oil will float on the water. Heavier than water, the oil will sink into the bottom of the water, the rest liquid is hydra-lot. We can separate the essential oil and water by the oil-water separator.

Distillation way includes water and steam distillation, water distillation, and steam distillation. Based on different plant features, we can choose the right distillation method.

Water and steam distillation

We can put the material on the basket in the distilling kettle, pour clear water below the basket. The level of water is below the material in the basket. We can directly heat the water int the kettle by fire, by steam, or by electric jacket heater, and than it will produce steam for the purpose of distillation.

Water distillation

You can put the material in the distilling kettle, and pour water into the kettle, the ratio of water and the materials depends on the features of different fragrance plants.

Steam distillation

We put the materials in the basket of the kettle, and than heat the basket on the bottom by moist steam for distillation.

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