The technology for making CO₂ extracts has recently entered a phase of rapid improvement. Oil manufacturers are now able to build production labs around systems that are reliable scientific instruments, free of the quirks and inefficiencies that once plagued the business.

Botanical oils extracted with CO₂ extraction machine display characteristics of essential oils while avoiding harmful solvent residues that often carry into absolutes. Instead of hexane or other hydrocarbons, they are extracted using CO₂ (carbon dioxide) gas in its supercritical phase. It is while in this uncommon state, achieved with high pressures, that CO₂ acts as a solvent to extract aromatic oil from plants.

The beauty of CO₂ extraction is that, once the oil is extracted from the plant material, the CO₂ is simply evaporated by lowering its pressure so it returns to a gaseous state, and the gas then quickly, safely, and completely dissipates. There is no risk of explosion for the workers because CO₂ is not flammable, there is no risk to the end consumer due to solvent residue on or in the body, and there is zero toxic waste generated. The procedure is fast, gentle and completely enclosed to prevent the presence of oxygen, thus preserving the composition of the chemical constituents.

We have a passion for fine engineering that constantly takes us and our customers beyond the known limits of CO₂. Our roots in cannabis extraction have fed a pace of innovation that has been badly needed in the field of supercritical fluid extraction. The result is an upgradable extractor with industry-leading precision, versatility, and easy operation.

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