The original extract machine is developed from aromatherapy, in order to be able to extract plant aroma molecules “essential oil” and “original liquid” better and more effectively. These two plant components can be adjusted by smearing, inhaling, etc. And to improve the physical and psychological state of the human body, if you want to have good quality essential oils and original liquids, you must have a good extraction machine. Let’s take a look at the production of pure dew and essential oil to the production of original liquid and essential oil:

The original liquid and essential oil are extracted through a plant distillation machine. The extracted pure dew contains only 17%-35% of the aromatic molecules of the plant surface composition, and the oil yield rate of the distilled essential oil is only 30%. The oil yield is very low.

The original liquid and essential oil are extracted through a plant extractor,

Essential oil extraction: Essential oils are generally hidden in the oil sacs or tubing of plants. To extract these aromatic molecules from plants, it takes some time and good tools, different tools, and extraction methods. The purity, effective ingredients, and aroma of the plant essential oils will be different, which will cause a difference in the price and quality of the essential oils. Here is a brief introduction of the essential oil extraction methods from the most primitive to the present:
1. Squeezing method: suitable for plants with essential oils on the peel

(Sponge absorption method consumes labor and is basically not used at present)

(The telecentric separation method is commonly used in the high unit price of bergamot essential oil, from cleaning to grinding to filtering and separation to refining. Since the separated essential oil will have a small amount of moisture and impurities, it needs to be stored in low-temperature ice storage 5~7 days, then use a special straw to suck out the pure essential oil on the surface)

(The bowl thorn method uses a sharpened grinding disc to spin the fruit to pierce the oil sac to release the essential oil, and then collect the essential oil from the pipe in the disc for filtration)

(Economic law, that is, fruit juice by-product, separates the essential oil floating on the surface from the mass-produced fruit juice. The essential oil extracted by this method contains water, and the essential oil is easy to deteriorate, and the price of the essential oil is also wanted to be cheap)

2. Distillation: This is a relatively common method for extracting essential oils. The quality of distillation equipment depends on the quality of essential oils. High-quality essential oils are mostly distilled at low pressure to retain the most effective components and natural aromas of plants. However, the amount of this extracted essential oil is very small, and the amount of pure dew is much. But if you want to get more essential oils, some businesses will use high-pressure distillation, but the smell of the essential oils is not as good as the low-pressure extraction, and the efficacy is greatly reduced., good distillation equipment can extract the pure essence of plants, so that the plants have higher Energy is increased, and the effect of energy on the spiritual level is also greater.

3. Liposuction method: (Put some petals on a glass plate covered with animal fat or vegetable fat. After the aroma of each batch of petals is absorbed by the oil, replace it with a new batch. Repeat until the oil is full of aroma and take it out Remove impurities from the grease, rinse with alcohol, and obtain pure plant essence after the alcohol evaporates)

4. Solvent extraction method: suitable for small flowers and resins, this extraction method is easy to leave some solvent components in plant essential oils, which may cause skin allergies of users and is not suitable for oral administration.


5. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method: It improves some of the shortcomings of solvent extraction method, but this equipment is very expensive and consumes a lot of energy. Calculated from the cost, the cost of the extracted essential oil is much higher than that of the distillation method, so The price of essential oils is also high.

6. Ultrasonic extraction method: This is the current emerging auxiliary extraction method. It uses high-intensity, high-energy ultrasonic waves to improve the efficiency of traditional solvent extraction methods and is suitable for the extraction of a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Ultrasonic extraction improves the shortcomings of solvent extraction, shortens time and reduces solvent usage, improves productivity and reduces heat loss due to temperature, and can avoid the volatilization of low-boiling substances and preserve the existence of biologically active substances. This auxiliary extraction method has been widely used in commercial applications to improve the quality of essential oils and plant extracts.

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