Essential oil companies that distill therapeutic grade essential oils must have the expertise and know how to produce oils correctly and responsibly.

In the essential oil distillers section we learned the minimum parameters to look for in a company; and learned about the bottling and labeling requirements. Once we have reviewed that information and narrowed down several companies, then let’s evaluate what really makes a company stand out in the field.

For me, looking it was the features I have listed below in addition to the other considerations on the essential oil distillers section that really sold me on the company I use. And as such I have remained a loyal wholesale customer.

What Else Should I Consider in Essential Oil Companies?

Here is the list of other items that I evaluated:

  • Expertise – Does the founder and the people in charge of the various areas within the company have the expertise and knowledge in distilling and producing essential oils.
  • Founder – Is the founder or owner a General Contractor for Essential Oils? Or is it a person who takes an active role in bringing the best quality oils to consumers. A general contractor is someone who acts as a middle man and is not involved in the purchasing or distillation of the plants; or other important aspects of the business of essential oils.
  • Customer Service Department – I know this sounds obvious, but there are some essential oil companies that don’t even have a phone number! I have sold over consumers of the company I use just based on the fact that the customer service department is fantastic!
  • Consumer Education – Does the company provide educational materials on its website? And try to update their consumers monthly and let them know of ongoing changes? Does it offer additional educational material for sale and is it affordable?
  • Mission Statement – Does the company have a mission statement and do they uphold the mission?
  • Contribution – This is an optional item; but personally I like to use companies that give back to the community and/or the environment on some level. And of course to their consumers!
  • Pure Essential Oils Wholesale Program Available – This also is an optional item; however, with the amount oils that I use on a monthly basis, having access to a wholesale program really helps the pocket book!

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