Essential oil distillation equipment is composed of several links. We must first understand the principle of distillation of essential oils in the selection of essential oil distillation equipment, and then select the suitable distillation equipment according to our own production requirements and raw materials. We first understand the principles of essential oil distillation

Distillation principle

According to the schematic diagram of the distillation equipment, it can be seen that the structure of the distillation equipment consists of the following parts.

Structure of distillation equipment:

1.Distillation kettle: the kettle body has single layer (tank body one layer), double layers (tank body has insulation layer), three layers (tank body has jacket heating, insulation layer).

2.Demister: the top of the distillation kettle is mainly used to remove the foam produced during distillation and prevent foam and slag from entering the condenser.

3.Condenser: the main function is condensing the mixture of oil and water.

4.Cooler: mainly used for cooling the condensate oil and water mixture for two times, controlling the temperature of the outgoing liquid.

5.Oil-water separator: separating the essential oil and pure dew from the mixture of oil and water after the cooler comes out.

6.Re-distillation device: put the pure dew coming out of the separator to the distillation kettle for second distillation, the purpose is to increase the oil yield. (choice item)

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