The reason why Hemp oil is popular is that it has the functions of protecting nerves, improving skin inflammation, anti-oxidation, treating eczema, and improving skin self-repair. Hemp oil extraction machine can extract oil from hemp seeds, leaves, and stems with high efficiency and simple operation.

How to operate Hemp oil extraction machine

As a kind of oil extraction machine, Hemp oil extraction machine can produce high quality vegetable oil with high oil yield and good oil quality, which is deeply loved by customers. Hemp oil extraction machine is reliable in quality and stable in operation. In order to help users to make a reasonable and correct Hemp oil extraction machine, this article will explain the operation process of Hemp oil extraction machine.

(1)    Hemp oil extraction machine opens the feed valve, loads the pre-treated raw material into the extraction tank, closes the feed valve, and starts the vacuum pump to clean the air in the extraction irrigation.

(2)    Hemp oil extraction machine uses a solvent pump to inject the subcritical fluid into the extraction tank to soak the raw materials and start the extraction with stirring.

(3)     The mixed oil is extracted from the extraction tank by solvent pump and pumped into the evaporation tank;

(4)     Open the air outlet valve of the Hemp oil extraction machine compressor, start the compressor, connect the suction port of the extraction tank and the compressor, and gasify the residual solvent in the meal.  The solvent gas enters the compressor and then flows back to the solvent circulation tank after condensing and liquefaction by the condenser for recycling. The meal was drained out of the extraction tank

(5)     The Hemp oil extraction machine connects the suction port of the evaporation tank and the compressor and indirectly heats the evaporation tank to separate the solvent from the crude oil after evaporation. The solvent vapor is compressed, condensed, and liquefied by the compressor and then returned to the solvent tank for recycling.

(6)     This is the end of the specific operation process of Hemp oil extraction machine.  We hope that you can reduce the failure rate of Hemp oil extraction machines through the rational application of Hemp oil extraction machines, and achieve a good oil extraction effect through the rational application of Hemp oil extraction machines.

Operation procedure of Hemp oil extraction machine

(1)     The extraction process of Hemp oil extraction machine mainly includes four parts: oil extraction/extraction of Hemp oil extraction machine, wet meal dissolubilization and drying, evaporation stripping of mixed oil, and solvent vapor condensation recovery.

(2)     Oil extraction machine Hemp oil extraction machine 、: the raw material embryo or pre-pressed cake formed after oil pretreatment is fed into the extractor by the Hemp oil extraction machine conveying equipment, and the concentrated mixed meal and wet meal is obtained after solvent extraction.

(3)    Hemp oil extraction machine wet meal desolvation drying: the meal discharged from the Hemp oil extraction machine extractor contains 25% ~ 35% solvents.  In order to recover these solvents and obtain good quality meal, the Hemp oil extraction machine can use heating to steam the desolvation.

(4)    Hemp oil extraction machine mixed oil evaporation stripping: evaporation is the operation process of vaporizing a part of the solvent in the solution by heating, so as to increase the concentration of solute in the solution, even if the volatile solvent is separated from the non-volatile solute. Stripping is steam distillation, which is based on the principle that the mixed oil and water are insoluble, direct steam of a certain pressure is injected into the concentrated mixed oil with a high boiling point, and indirect steam is injected into the jacket of the Hemp oil extraction machine for heating so that the direct steam injected into the mixed oil will not condense. Evaporation and stripping of the mixture generally reduce the solvent content of the oil.

(5)    Hemp oil extraction machine solvent vapor condensation recovery: the so-called condensation, that is, at a certain temperature, the gas release of heat into a liquid process. Cooling refers to the process in which the temperature drops but the phase does not change after the hot fluid gives off heat. The condensation recovery of solvent vapor from Hemp oil extraction machine reduces the solvent loss in the extraction process.

I hope this article is helpful to your understanding of Hemp oil extraction machines.  If you need Hemp oil extraction machine, please contact us.

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