In addition to the aforementioned basic separation methods, natural products can also be separated by membrane separation, capillary electrophoresis.

Essential oils Membrane separation technology is one of the most important research, development, and application technologies in modern separation technology. Because of its advantages of non-distorted operation at room temperature and low energy consumption, it is especially suitable for the treatment of heat-sensitive substances and biologically active substances. There are very broad application prospects in the separation and extraction of active ingredients, and the application in the extraction of natural flavors has not been reported yet.

Essential oils Capillary electrophoresis, also known as high-performance capillary electrophoresis or capillary electroseparation, is a new type of liquid phase separation technology that uses capillary as the separation channel and high-voltage direct current electric field as the driving force. This technology plays an increasingly important role in the analysis of natural products due to its superior separation ability and low sample solvent consumption. The recently started rotating belt rectification method is used for the separation of chiral substances, with high efficiency and good separation effect, and it may be used for the separation of natural flavors.

Biotechnology: The use of biotechnology to prepare natural flavors includes:
①Plant tissue and cell culture.
②Microbial production of spices.
③Enzymatic method (biocatalytic technology) to produce spices.

Since the aroma components of most plant-based spice oils and fresh foods are the products of biological metabolism, microorganisms and enzyme reactions can be applied to spice production. There have been many successful examples in this regard. The innovative nature of plant-based natural flavor extraction technology is to focus on quality, efficiency and benefit, while considering the feasibility of flavoring. Through bioengineering technology, monoterpenes will undergo structural changes under the action of bacterial transformation, which can effectively increase the content of high-quality components in natural flavors.

How to extract the effective ingredients from the complex natural product system and obtain more effective ingredients has always been an important research goal. With the requirements of industrial development, the research on extraction and separation technology of natural spices will gradually become more mature, moving towards high efficiency and environmental protection. People’s research on advanced aromatherapy technology is to improve the extraction and separation effect, but also to find more and better new fragrance substances and expand the space of the fragrance industry. Existing extraction and separation methods are all feasible in production and have an irreplaceable side with other methods, but at the same time there are some shortcomings. Therefore, we comprehensively use various extraction technologies mastered at this stage. We must attach importance to the combined use of various separation technologies to increase the separation effect; develop new theories and new materials; increase scientific research investment and strengthen the promotion of new technologies in the field of natural flavor separation. At present, most separation technologies are still in the laboratory research stage, so the simulation and amplification of industrial devices is an important issue faced by researchers.

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