What plays an even more interesting role in the development and extraction of essential oils is the treatment of the plants, especially the outside influences that can directly affect their internal constituents. Something as simple as the fertilizer used during the growing season, when the plant was harvested, and the part of it that was picked can dramatically affect the potency and efficacy of the resulting essential oils. Add to that the climate, weather patterns, and geographical region where the plants were grown, and you have a small glimpse into the complexity of essential oil production. Even something as small as the way in which the plant was pollinated can dramatically affect the quality and aroma of the resulting essential oils due to alterations in the chemical constituents. When you take a look at the method of extraction and all of the intricacies that go along with those procedures, you can begin to see why it is important to consider the behind-the-scenes information of your essential oil of choice.All of these considerations can affect the potency of the essential oil. learn more  Essential oil distillation equipment

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