The fresh aroma of lemon can refresh the mind, refresh the spirit, relieve irritability and purify the air. Lemon essential oil also has many positive conditioning effects on skin and body. Limonene in lemon essential oil is especially beneficial to whitening, astringency, balancing oil secretion and treating oily skin symptoms such as acne.

lemon essential oil
lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil has strong and fresh smell, light green-yellow, and sticky water quality. If used in aromatherapy, the shelf life of lemon essential oil is only 8 ~ 10 months, but after the shelf life, it can still be used in aromatherapy, such as steam therapy. Fast Volatile

Main ingredients: limonene, citral, (niubiao) tauric acid, citronella oil, camphorene

Lemon essential oil can improve the function of the circulatory system, including promoting blood circulation to lower blood pressure and stop nosebleeds. It can strengthen the immune system, purify the body, improve the function of the digestive system, break down cellulite, and treat indigestion and constipation.
Lemon essential oil has the effect of soothing and relieving headaches and migraines. It also helps treat arthritis and rheumatism by integrating acidic substances in the body. It also helps to cleanse acne, clean greasy skin and hair, and remove dead skin cells.
The refreshing scent of lemon can refresh the mind, invigorate the spirit, relieve irritability, and purify the air.
Put a few drops of lemon essential oil into the hot water for soaking your feet to achieve the purpose of invigorating the blood and collaterals, and also achieve the effect of removing beriberi and foot odor.

(1) Skin care
It can remove dead cells, brighten skin tone, tighten capillaries, promote collagen production, lighten melanin, purify greasy hair and skin, and soften scar tissue; improve oily skin, clean skin, converge, balance oil secretion, Skin whitening effect; it is effective for removing corns, flat warts and general warts. It can also soften scar tissue and prevent nail splits. Maintains skin mild whitening, prevents wrinkles, increases skin luster, diminishes freckles, helps oily skin reduce sebum secretion, removes corns, warts, etc.

(2) Physiological effect

An excellent tonic for the circulatory system, it allows the blood to flow smoothly and reduces the pressure on the varicose veins; it can restore the vitality of red blood cells, reduce anemia, and stimulate the white blood cells to help the body resist infectious diseases; promote the function of the digestive system. Stimulates white blood cells, is suitable for all kinds of cuts or wounds, stops bleeding, helps wounds heal, regulates the entire digestive system, and has certain effects on stomach diseases and gastric ulcers. Regulates the circulatory system, especially suitable for the treatment of varicose veins. It is also suitable for high blood pressure. It prevents colds and reduces fever, slows down skin aging, helps digestion, prevents mosquito bites, gum inflammation, and oral ulcers.
(3) Psychological efficacy
When feeling hot and irritable, it can bring refreshing feelings and help clarify thoughts.

Essential oil characteristics

Fresh and sweet with a fresh and strong light and clean aroma, it is the best detoxification and deodorizing effect in citrus, and it is also a good fragrance source often used as a fixative in many perfume industries. Lemon Because of its slightly sour sweetness, few people eat it directly, but its inherent acidity is a good antibacterial detoxifier. When we eat seafood barbecue food, we often attach a slice of lemon next to it instead of using lemon. After being sprinkled, the seafood is really scented, and the original fishy smell is completely gone. This is also the meaning that citric acid can transform the smell of ammonia. Therefore, in Spain and Portugal in the 17th and 18th centuries, it has been found that lemon has the detoxification, deodorization and antibacterial effects of washed hair. Odor fragrances used in the mouth are even used to combat malaria and typhoid fever. Lemon essential oil is the most abundant in fruit essential oil regardless of production and use. It is extracted from the peel and pressed by cold pressing. Its fragrance can boost the spirit, help clarify thoughts, eliminate fatigue, and has stomach and digestion. Because it is rich in vitamin C and B, and has natural fruit acid, it can also improve the spots and fine lines on the skin. It can be said to be a skin beauty product.

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