Liposuction is a traditional method of extracting high-purity essence from very delicate petals (like roses and jasmine). It is very laborious and costly. Therefore, the extracted oil-the original essence, is also very expensive. high.
The method of liposuction method is to first coat fat (usually very pure lard or butter) on the glass plate, and then spread the petals that have just been picked on this layer of fat. Then, stack the wooden frame embedded in the glass plate into layers, and the fat on the glass plate will gradually absorb the essence of the petals. After a few days, replace the flattened petals with fresh petals. The replacement time varies depending on the type of flower. For example, jasmine is replaced every three weeks. Repeat the steps of renewing petals until this layer of fat can no longer absorb essential oils.
  Remove all the waste in the fat, such as stale flower braids or pedicels, and then collect these fats (called balsam at this time). Next, add alcohol to the balsam and shake vigorously for 24 hours to separate the fat and essential oils.
  The oil collected in this way is called the original essence, it is a very thick oil. Its aroma and curative effect are very strong. Compared with the essential oil obtained by distillation, it only needs a small amount to achieve the same effect. Some original essences, such as rose essence, are solid at room temperature, but as long as you hold the bottle and warm it with body temperature for a few minutes, it will become liquid.

    Another method of adsorption is to replace the glass plate with cotton cloth soaked in olive oil. Use a wooden frame to prop up the cotton cloth, put fresh petals and stack them in layers (the same method as using a glass plate>. The petals spread on the cotton cloth need to be replaced every day until the olive oil can no longer absorb the essence. Tips We call the sesame oil at this stage as huile Francaise, which can be used directly as emollient sesame oil, or it can be separated from the essence with alcohol.

   These two methods are commonly used methods in the traditional perfume industry, especially the factories near Gerhas, which often use these methods to produce high-quality fragrance oils. However, in modern times, only about 10% of the original essence is produced by liposuction, because liposuction is too time-consuming and uneconomical. At present, about 80% of rose and jasmine essence are extracted with volatile solvents, and the remaining 10% are essential oils extracted by distillation.

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