The essential oils of lemon, bergamot, orange and other citrus plants are all extracted by simple pressing. The essential oils of citrus plants are mostly stored in the outer colored skin of the fruit. Therefore, the flesh and white medulla must be partially removed before the essential oil is squeezed. For a long time, people have been using manual methods to separate the skin and flesh of the fruit, and there are two ways to choose: one is to use a spoon to dig out the inner flesh, leaving a cup-shaped outer skin, and the other is to peel off the outer skin. , Well-preserved pulp.
   By squeezing the peel, you can get essential oils and a little juice. Just let the squeezed liquid stand for a period of time, and the essential oils can surface and separate from the juice.

There is also a commonly used traditional method: rolling the fruit in a large barrel with thorns in the inner layer of the fruit, and piercing the skin to get fat and juice, and then collecting these liquids and separating the essential oils.
   Nowadays, the consumption process of these pressed oils is often mechanized and automatically consumed, but among all the citrus essential oils, the best quality is still hand-pressed essential oils.
  If we use a household bulb press (not for squeezing garlic), we can also make a small amount of lemon or orange essential oil at home. But we must also pay special attention: the fruits we use must be natural and not sprayed, dyed or waxed.
   By the way, citrus essential oils are cold-pressed except for lime. However, some citrus products are also distilled. Of course, citrus essential oils are also distilled, which is estimated to be a by-product.

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